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Our motto is “Quality pays off!” – with this slogan we have already convinced most of our B2B key accounts with our packaging materials for the wholesale trade. An intensive assessment of the requirements in an efficient and modern warehouse logistics is the basis of our research and our range and our innovative capability. May it be in the shape or form of adhesive tapes / packing tapes for cardboard boxes or goods, elastic stretch band for pallets which allows better manoeuvring without loss of stability of the pallet. Not to forget to mention our activaAir series of air cushion systemsequipment as well.

Through years and years of research and development work, we have developed our own environmentally friendly glue formula (PK6 glue) which is exactly adapted to your purposes. We have developed this glue with its four strengths for our packaging tapes, which are each sustainable for cardboard boxes up to a certain weight:


These adhesive tapes have a high tear resistance are temperature resistant from – 30°C up to + 60°C  and are easy to process. Together with our Dispenser for packing tape ergonomically shaped ones and the quietly sealing of cardboards with our manual adhesive tape  done quiet smoothly. , work would

And if you are using our adhesive tape with a length of 150 m you will save time, storage place and money. Be convinced of our quality and experience.

Of course, our range of products also includes machine adhesive tape, which is used for mechanical sealing of cardboard boxes. We offer you the tapes with the standard length of 990 meters as well as with the lengths of 1500 meters and 2000 meters. The larger lengths of the adhesive tapes contribute to the commercial advantage since less reel changes are required.


The mail order business is growing thanks to the large online offer. To secure your goods as best as possible, we offer you for each one the suitable air cushion machine, since the consumption of air cushions or air mats is different for each company. We have developed these activaAir Light air cuschion machine  in particular for the small to medium sized online merchants or companies. It produces bubble wraps and bubble wrap pads with 5 meters per minute. For high-volume packaging applications we offer the activaAir Basic and Power to our customers. 

Our motto is “Quality pays off!” – with this slogan we have already convinced most of our  B2B key accounts  with our packaging materials for the wholesale trade. An intensive assessment... read more »